CV 50 Vertical Turning Lathe

Driving motors typeFanuc or Siemens
Numerical controlsFanuc or Siemens
Measuring systems (linear / angular)Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens
Hydraulic equipmentDropsa, Atos, Bosch, etc.

CV 50 Vertical Turning Lathe specification

CV 50 Vertical Turning Lathe represent the classical vertical turning lathe with CNC, made for the execution of the revolution parts. The machining diameters are presented in the technical specification, it has a turning ram head, but upon the customer’s demand it can be turning and milling ram head, SC-F series. Our lathes meet the tolerance conditions according to ISO 3655:1986, CNC lathes safety norms according to EN 12478:2000 European standard.

Equipment used in CV 50 Vertical Turning Lathe:

  1. Driving motors type: Fanuc or Siemens;
  2. Numerical controls: Fanuc or Siemens;
  3. Measuring systems (linear / angular): Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens;
  4. Hydraulic equipment: Dropsa, Atos, Bosch, etc.;
  5. SKF high precision bearings.

CV 50 optional accessories

Standard features of CV 50:

  • Clamping Jaws;
  • CE certified machine safety guard;
  • Chip conveyor;
  • Universal port-tools for turning;
  • Machine lighting system;
  • X, Z axes covers

CV 50 optional accessories:

  • Complete safety guard;
  • Disc type ATC with 6 / 12 / 16 stations;
  • Cooling system 3 /20 / /40 / 80 bar.
  • Angular milling head;
  • W axis covers;
  • CNC bi-rotary milling head.

CV 50 Vertical Turning Lathe, характеристики

Swing diameter (Ø), mm5.000
Machining Diameter (Ø), mm5.000
Table Diameter (Ø), mm4.000
Work Piece Weight
Standard - Cross roller bearing, kg30
Optional - Hydrostatic bearing, kg60
Motors capacity
Main Motor Power, kW60 / 100
C Axis Motor Torque, Nm100
Travels Single or Dual Ram(s)
X axis, mm2.700
Z axis, mm1.250/ 1.500/ 1.700/ 1.850
W axis, mm1.500/ 2.100/ 2.400/ 3.000/ 3.400
X work, mm/min0.02/2.000
Z work, mm/min0.02/2.000
X rapid, mm/min10
Z rapid, mm/min10
Table Speed, RPM90
C axis speed, RPM0.002-2
Table Torque
Turning Mode, Nm90.000 / 150.000
Milling Mode - C axis, Nm62
Locking Table Torque, Nm75
RAM Size, mm x mm250x250 / 300x300
Milling Head
Milling Motor Power, kW22 / 37
Speed Range, RPM0-3.000 RPM / 1500 Nm
Automatic Tool Changer
No. of tool stations6/12/16 tool stations
Type of Tool ShankKM63 / Capto 8 / 40 x 40 / 50 x 50
Max. tool size of ATC, mm280x150x400
Max. tool weight, kg50
Max. load weight on ATC, kg300 / 500 / 600
Time of tool change - tool to tool, sec60
P - X & Z axis, mm0.015/1.000
Ps - X & Z axis, mm0.01
P - C axis, angle sec.±6
Ps - C axis, angle sec.6
Machine Dimensions, mm8.700x7.100
Machine Height, mm6.800 / 7.300 / 7.800 / 8.300
Machine weight (2.000 mm H), kg82

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